GauVendi sets a default booking flow. This can be adapted by the hotel during the onboarding or at any time and differs depending on the strategy. 

  • Lowest Price Opaque: Allows you to sell the lowest sales product opaque without displaying which room the guest books (similar to the room type “Run of the house” in legacy PMS systems the room will be assigned upon arrival). This option is particular of interest if your inventory is totally unique and this enables you to not disclose which is your “cheapest” room product or as a sales strategy for high end priced hotels that like to make a price driven campaign and would not like to disclose which room the guests will get.

  • During the onboarding you will need to provide the picture to be used in case of the activation of the opaque function.

Below you will find an example comparing how the ISE would look when lowest price opaque is turned on and when its off:

Lowest price opaque on:

Lowest price opaque off: