1. Guest behaviors

    Insights about guest booking behaviors.

    Frequent Booking ChannelThe most frequently used booking channel by the guest.
    Frequent Room TypeThe most frequently booked room type by the guest.
    Frequent Booking SourceThe most frequently used booking source by the guest.
    Average Booking Lead TimeThe average time between booking and the stay date.
    Preferred LanguageThe most frequently used language in guest reservations.
    Purchase behaviorThe most frequently graded label in guest reservations.

  2. Temporal insights

    Insights about guest loyalty.

    First booking dateThe date of the guest's first booking.
    First stay dateThe guest's first stay date.
    Last stay dateThe guest's most recent stay date.
    Seasonal stay trendWhich month of the year do guests tend to book rooms?
    EventsList of events happened during guest stays.
    Last stay at eventLast event happened during guest stay.

  3. Preferred features

    A bubble chart display number of retail features this guest has requested (guaranteed features).

    • Feature name
    • Feature requested times = amount of reservations have this feature requested
  4. Extra services

    A bubble chart display number of extra services this guest has used.

    • Service name
    • Service usage times = amount of service in all reservations