Further information of returning customer to help hotelier understand the contacting guest and provide helpful information.

I. Guest profile overview

  1. Life time stays

    Amount of reservations this guest has stayed in the property.

  2. Formula: life time stays = amount of reservations

  3. Life time stay nights

    Amount of stay nights this guest has stayed in the property.

    Formula: life time stay nights = amount of stay nights of all reservations

  4. Life time spent

    Total amount this guest has spent in the property

    Formula: life time spent = total amount of all reservations (include taxes)

  5. Last stay

    Number of days since this guest has stayed in the property.

    Formula: last stay (in days) = current date - latest reservation in the past

Guest basic information

TitleGuest title (if available) e.g. Mr, Ms, Mrs, Miss, Dr, Prof
Full nameGuest full name First name + Last name

  1. Guest segmentation

    Guest is a way of grouping into several segments based on a set segmentation hotel guests of shared characteristics.

    Frequent FlyersGuests who frequently book and stay at the hotel, indicating high loyalty.
    Weekend WarriorsGuests who predominantly book stays over weekends, suggesting a preference for weekend getaways.
    Extended Stay GuestsGuests with a pattern of booking longer stays, possibly for vacations or business trips.
    Business TravelersGuests who often book during weekdays, indicating a potential business travel profile.
    Family VacationersGuests who frequently book with children, suggesting a family vacation segment.
    Last-Minute BookersGuests who consistently book reservations close to their arrival date.
    Luxury SeekersGuests who frequently opt for premium room types and additional luxury services.
    Budget Conscious TravelersGuests who tend to choose lower-priced rooms and seek value-for-money options.
    Promo Code EnthusiastsGuests who frequently use promotional codes when booking.
    Solo TravelersGuests who typically book for one adult, suggesting a solo travel profile.
    Group TravelersGuests who frequently book for multiple adults and/or children, indicating group travel.
    Seasonal TravelersGuests who consistently book during specific seasons.
    Tech-Savvy GuestsGuests who show a preference for tech amenities and services.
    Spa and Wellness EnthusiastsGuests who frequently use on-site spa and wellness services.
    Adventure SeekersGuests who book additional services related to adventure activities or local experiences.
    Cultural ExplorersGuests who show interest in local cultural events and attractions.
    LoyalistsGuests who are actively enrolled in and engaged with the hotel's loyalty program.
    Social Media InfluencersGuests who engage actively on social media, potentially influencing others.
    Event AttendeesGuests who book around specific events or conferences hosted by the hotel.