The summary of the booking is displayed in an overview, including the payment details.

Now, as before, a booking can be made by either ignoring the payment (skip payment and create booking) and completing the booking or finalizing the booking with a credit card payment or concluding the booking as an offer within a specific time frame.

Skip payment and create booking

This is particularly suitable in cases where the guest doesn't have a credit card on hand. In that case, the booking can be sent as a "Reserved Status," and the guest needs to confirm their guest details. 

If the booking is sent in the "Confirmed Status," no further data from the guest is required, and the booking is immediately confirmed.

Pay with Credit Card

Payment by credit card is completed with the entry of credit card details.

Send a Proposal

When the booking is created as an offer, a time window can be set for when the guest must confirm the booking. During this time, the reservation and the room are held. If the guest does not respond and confirm the booking online by the agreed-upon time, the blocked rooms automatically become available for sale again.


After completing the booking, the guest automatically receives a confirmation (either a booking confirmation, reservation confirmation, or an offer) in the preferred language via email. The confirmation is sent in a PDF format because, especially for multiple reservations in one booking, the display directly in an HTML format is not clear. Each guest also receives their own reservation confirmation.