Completing the booking

Once all inquiries are processed, and all reservations are in the shopping cart, the final part of the booking (or offer) can take place. To do this, go directly to the shopping cart, which opens with a side window.

Initially, the booker's data is requested. When expanding the field, new data points are displayed, and you have the option to search by guest name. By entering the first letter, a list of possible results will appear.

If the guest profile exists, it can be selected, and the fields will be automatically filled. Additional fields, such as the phone number, can be queried during the conversation or filled in later by the guest.

With a click on the booker information, you get more details about the guest.

If available, there are details on:

  • Preferences
  • Lifetime Value
  • History
  • Contact (private and business contact) 
  • Particular (Birthday or relevant remarks)