Call-Pro Plus 

The new booking interface for reservation teams.

To enhance the system's usability for telephone and email inquiries at the hotel, the new CallProPlus booking interface has been developed over the past months in collaboration with our customers. The launch of the new product will occur in phases. The basic functions are now available to all customers, alongside the existing voice interface.


New Features

A fundamental change in the reservation process is the addition of the shopping cart. With this, it is now possible to make multiple reservations for different periods under a single booking.

Guest profiles can now be accessed and, for returning guests, can be automatically applied. This includes not only the history but also guest preferences and company addresses, which will be stored for future use.

The booking process may vary depending on the selected date. In the upcoming releases, in addition to "Recommended offers" and "Timeline view," more options will be introduced.


For those who primarily receive calls from guests in their country's language, it is advisable to set the language accordingly before using the CallProPlus interface – located at the top right next to the name. This way, all function inputs (such as searching for room features) can be easily done in the respective language. Only the interface itself currently remains in English.