For reservation requests via email, requests can also be executed using the ISE and the appropriate room product can be selected and the URL sent to the guest in an email. This function can also be used to add alternative offers for the guest.

Some simple recommendations:

  • For email enquires you may have set up an “automated response” already. Consider updating your automated response by encouraging the guest to enter the booking engine and already book the room at their choice online rather than waiting for the email response.
  • When responding to the email consider some template text to include.
  • The URL you send to the guest contains the requested features and requirements of the guest but the guest could still make further adjustments and change the choice themselves.
  • Ensure the guest is aware that the URL with the choice you send through may be picked by other guests in the meantime as it is based on your current availability - so “first come first serve” applies.


How to provide the URL:

  • Select the requested date and the amount of people requested
  • Chose the room the guest likes to have and use the configurator if needed
  • Upon selecting the room of choice click on top of your browser and copy the URL
  • Paste the URL into your email. If preferred, you may like to set it as a hyperlink (looks nicer)