You are able to add features per room number or by bulk accessing the Feature Assignment. 

Feature assignment groups the features into 8 different categories. Accessing the first time the system will be guiding you through the different categories and requires a minimum of 3 categories to be filled out (layout, bedding, size).


When selecting one of the categories you can select relevant features through the “add more features” button. 

  • You can overwrite features for your purpose as long as the icon matches the feature you like to define. 
  • Should you miss a feature that you require please contact the support team to request the feature.

You can either add the feature per room individually or you can also use the bulk function to assign one feature to various room numbers at the same time. When you like to use the bulk function please click on the feature.

When clicking on “Assign unit(s)” under the feature name, an additional window opens up. You are able to add the feature by bulk either selecting the room numbers and filtering additionally by floor.


Alternatively, you can also filter by room category to add the features for the relevant room numbers.