The following guide will assist accommodation providers in learning how to attach images to their respective products.

Important information:


  • -        Supported file formats are PNG and JPG.
  • -        Images can have a maximum size of 1.5 MB.
  • -        File names should not include spaces (remove spaces or replace them with "-" or "_").
  • -        File names should not include special characters like √±, √°, √ß, etc.



Once you are logged into your property on the GauVendi Platform, click on the "Product" section in the left panel. Refer to the screenshot below:   

Once inside the product section, select the RFC (Room Feature Combination) to which you want to add an image. You can search for it using the available filters:

 Alternatively, you can simply scroll through the list. When you find the RFC to which you want to add an image, click on its name or the RFC number:

Inside the product, scroll to the bottom and click the "Upload Image" button on the bottom right:

A pop-up will appear where you can either drag the image or click to select it from your computer and upload it:

After selecting the images, click the save button. You can choose to change or delete the image name at this step, or you can do it later after saving. The image name is for internal use and will not be visible on the ISE:

For each image, you have the option to delete it by scrolling to the bottom of the product. You can also edit or delete the name, and you can rearrange the order in which they will appear on the ISE:

You can select the order of which image should be shown first. Simply drag and drop the picture to the position you like the image to appear.