City tax and other taxes


Many cities require additional taxes when booking hotel rooms, which have to be collected and processed by hoteliers as well. With a higher transparency about the final price, an improved presentation at the respective portals is expected. Google has also adapted its requirements here and - depending on country specifications - displays the prices accordingly. If these requirements are not met, the providers are removed from the platform or the corresponding booking links are not imported. 


To ensure transparent presentation, hotels can enter the relevant taxes and duties directly in the GauVendi extranet.


Hotel Settings > Tax Settings


Each hotel has displayed all the taxes that were set up in Onboarding. 


Hotels can add more taxes with the "Plus sign". Time limits as well as different prices according to age can also be set via this.

As soon as taxes are added or removed, they must also be synchronized in the interface with the PMS.

Setting > Interface > Tax Mapping



It is important that the correct control sets are connected together in the interface.