Status 12/12/2022


Think about what your guests are used to and what they need. What do standard or deluxe even mean? The current status-quo of booking hotel rooms provides nothing to the guest. There is no room experience, no guest satisfaction, no emotions, no basic need or desires guaranteed.

It is time to win back control and revolutionize your distribution strategy by selling something nobody else sells.

Celebrate your room experiences

Every room has unique features that specific travel profiles might look for. A couple might want a sunset view, a business traveler an extra quiet room and maybe a family wants a room with twin beds for the kids. With your inventory redefined in features instead of categories, you will be able to celebrate and promote specific attributes based on your guests travel profiles as below:



Celebrate your booking process

Another approach is to celebrate your novel purchase experience. This booking experience will only be available on your website, by booking directly. Take advantage of it.


Use an eye-catching call to action to attract direct bookings. How many features are available on your property? There is certainly one that your guests are looking for. Give your guests the opportunity to choose and get a room match, showcase that you are selling something like nobody else sells. 

Check out the below example:

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GauVendi provides you with the eight lead icons (SVG files) for you to use for your website. Should you require any support or advise on designs or creatives, please reach out to us at any time.


Supporting you with additional check lists


Your checklist for a successful website

  • Ensure you provide story telling on your website – Your WHY! (History, Family Stories, Your believes, Atmosphere, etc.).
  • Support your website with good quality pictures and videos. For picture shooting of your rooms please also refer to our recommendations in a separate manual.
  • Hotel website should have adaptive design (for all devices)
  • Ensure high speed of your website by using the right website provider /host.
  • Place call to actions (CTA’s) on all relevant sections. E. g. when highlighting specific room features relevant to the story telling, enable a deep link that includes already selected features and places the user directly on the booking path. If you need help in setting up personalized booking links please reach out to us.


Your check list for increased traffic and conversion

  • Direct channel first approach: Always ensure that any offers are best implemented on your direct booking channels (ISE and Voice) before any third-party channels. When running third party channel-initiated activities ensure the offer is also – if not better – set up on your direct channels as well.
  • Regular direct sales activities to your data base: Ensure regular communication – when you like/need to drive pick-up – to your direct communication channels such as your data base, social media (facebook, Instagram, end consumer media). Focus on story telling and combine this with call to actions to increase your pick-up for desired time period. Ensure your check-up on pick up patterns using your historic data in order to communicate at the right time to the right customers (pick-up patterns for holiday season is different than long weekend breaks or when targeting different travel profiles (families, friends, couples, single travellers, groups)
  • A Hyperpersonalised booking experience (through GauVendi)