Status 22/10/2022


There are many possible combinations for the RFC naming. This guideline will show 3 best practice examples:


1. Functional Layout Naming

The Functional Layout Naming consists of having a popular feature from the room, followed by the Layout and another popular feature, or descriptive adjective



Top Floor Suite  French Balcony

Bright Corner Studio Modern Design


Depending on the length of the features named, you could even add a third popular feature:

Corner Studio  East Facing & Extra Quiet



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2. Category Attribute Logic Naming

The Category Attribute Logic Naming consists of having the corresponding category of the room plus feature descriptorsSo, guests can see the standard room type, yet also understand the differences between rooms of the same category. Example:


Standard Twin bed & facing the market place

Standard Mountain view & extra quiet

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3. Individualized naming

This last approach consists on having individual naming for each RFC. Here are no rules! Rooms can be named by individual names or based on features, unique characteristics or descriptive adjective combinations. Examples: 


The Norman Rockwell room

Cozy Attic Studio – For One

Wellness Double – Great View & Steam Bath


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