Status 08/31/2022


The call center module function in GauVendi is designed to enable employees to immediately convert telephone inquiries into a reservation or an offer and send it to the guest. For reservation requests via email, requests can also be executed using the IBE booking engine and the appropriate room product can be selected and the URL sent to the guest in an email. This function can also be used to add alternative offers for the guest.

Some simple recommendations:

  • For email enquires you may have set up an “automated response” already. Consider updating your automated response by encouraging the guest to enter the booking engine and already book the room at their choice online rather than waiting for the email response.
  • When responding to the email consider some template text to include.
  • The URL you send to the guest contains the requested features and requirements of the guest but the guest could still make further adjustments and change the choice themselves.
  • Ensure the guest is aware that the URL with the choice you send through may be picked by other guests in the meantime as it is based on your current availability - so “first come first serve” applies.


How to provide the URL:

  • Select the requested date and the amount of people requested
  • Chose the room the guest likes to have and use the configurator if needed
  • Upon selecting the room of choice click on top of your browser and copy the URL
  • Past the URL into your email. If preferred, you may like to set it as a hyperlink (looks nicer)

What are the advantages of the call center module mask?

The call center mask can be used to search for individual rooms or for specific characteristics, according to the guest's requests. During high occupancy it is also a simple way to identify "available gaps”. In addition, offers can now also be sent by email, where GauVendi automatically blocks the room for a certain time and - if not confirmed by the guest - automatically returns to the sale after the expired time.


The call center module mask allows to:

  • apply filters based on room characteristics
  • book several rooms at the same time and
  • directly complete the booking or
  • send offers (time limited, if not confirmed they will be returned to the sale).

Call center module Booking - Single Reservation

  • Go to Reservations

To get a reservation directly through the room availability, please take this selection:

  • Filter functions enable a targeted search of suitable rooms that are still available.
  • The reservation window can be opened directly in the room planner for the suitable room
  • With the mouse-over function you can select arrival and departure and already see the lowest price for the respective room

  • The desired room are dragged with the mouse over the period

The room with the corresponding RFC price (i.e. the real value of the room) are displayed.


Clicking on the options, the prices of the room can be called as other products (ERFCs, MRFCs), as well as - if available - alternative rooms with the same characteristics at a lower price.


In the next step, additional services can be booked.

First, the data of the booker is requested.


In the second step the data of the guest are requested - here you can copy the data of the booker.


Info: Background for this separate and additional step is the preparation of a guest history / database, so that in the future it is recognized whether a guest has already booked once (the flow must still be adjusted accordingly with live gear of such a function).

In the last step the summary of the reservation with all services is displayed.


Now the reservation agent can decide, in consultation with the guest, whether a final reservation should be completed, or an offer.

When an offer is made, the reservation agent can set a time until when this reservation will be held. The guest must actively confirm the reservation by completing the reservation confirmation with all data via the received communication and then confirming it. If this is not done by the "release time", the room is automatically returned to the sale. There is no further work for the hotel staff.

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In GauVendi's reservation overview, this creates a new reservation status, initially set to "Proposed" and marked "Released" in case of non-confirmation by the guest.

The guest will receive the following information by email. Through the "Finalize Booking" section, he will get to the online reservation confirmation (identical to the last page on the booking engine) to finalize the booking based on the payment conditions.

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