Traditionally rooms inventory is clustered into room categories or room types. 1 physical room is always assigned to one category only. 

At GauVendi one physical room can have multiple room products and combinations. There are 3 main room product groups in GauVendi:

  1. RFCs - Room Feature Combinations: Rooms are clustered by their common retail features
  2. MRFCs - Main Room Feature Combinations: Rooms are clustered into standard categories (like in any PMS)
  3. ERFCs - Enhanced Room Feature Combinations: Virtual products, selling the same rooms under different labels. There are two types of ERFCs:
    1. Deduct = meaning each unit will be sold individually
    2. Deduct all = meaning that units will be sold in a combination (2 rooms, 3 rooms etc. together as one unit like for example connecting rooms which are together sold as an apartment etc.)

1 physical room can only be in one RFC and one MRFC but can be included in unlimited ERFCs or CRFCs (Combined Room Feature Combinations).