Primary Sales Plan

The initial sales plan that is the foundation of your rate strategy (usually your daily rate) should be indicated as Primary sales plan. It helps you to identify the plan easier in the display and it is considered as reference in the GauVendi logic. 

The primary sales plan rates will be shown on your GauVendi ISE when looking into the calendar:

Therefore, we recommend to tag your lowest available rate as your primary rate code so guests will see this rate amount when looking into the calendar.

How to set up?

  • Simply enter the GauVendi extranet and go to Sales -> Sales Plans
  • Open up the sales plan you want to tag as your primary sales plan and enter the settings section.
  • Go to the field "Primary sales plan" and activate the button.

  • Hit "save" and afterwards the chosen sales plan will be used as your primary sales plan and shown in your ISE calendar.