Retail Features are used to cluster RFCs and are the unique attributes of a room which can be monetized. You can set a specific price for each retail feature that is automatically calculated into your sales price later on.

GauVendi clusters the retail features into 8 different sections:

  • Category (is it a bedroom, a suite, a villa, ....)
  • Bedding (double bed, king bed, sleep chair, ...)
  • Size (small, medium, large, ...)
  • Location (main building, close to garden, first row, ...)
  • View (mountain view, sunset view, garden view, ...)
  • Bathroom (walk-in shower, seperate toilet, jacuzzi, ...)
  • Outdoor space (balcony,terrace, private pool, ...)
  • Design & Function (wooden floor, heritage decor, blackout curtains, ...)