When you do not use the automated pricing logic, the price point is taken from the sum of the selected features. However, the pricing of features only matches the “real” value when it is an RFC as in this case every relevant feature is included to the product. 

  1. GauVendi Pricing
    1. Average related RFC - taking the average of the available RFC pricing
    2. Link price to another product

Sample: Automated pricing is off. The price point is the sum of the features that have been selected for this ERFC.

Therefore, you should always use the available function of Automated Pricing or Linking the pricing of a different room product.

When activating the automated pricing you can still adapt the pricing by amount (0 to x) or % - negative numbers are accepted.

  • Click on apply to activate the automated pricing.
  • You can also link a product to the price point of a specific other product for example you can ensure that the Barrier Free Room is identical to your lowest room category (MRFC) price.
  • Alternatively, you can also adjust the pricing with “price adjustment” – see also explanation on Product Pricing. In our example we had set up a new product for Single Rooms consisting of many double rooms. As result you may adjust the price point here to be either lower or higher than the average RFC price.